New Year

Hi Everybody!

As you know, today is new years eve. In this day, people usually go to their friends or their family. But me… I’m just sitting in my room (actually not in My room, in my sisters room, cause in my room isn’t internet connection) and watching Supernatural(now I’m watching the beginning of the 9th season and I’m just: OMG. Sam, don’t die, or I will kill you!). Yes… I think I’m a little bit anti-social, but I’m happy with it. I mean, I’m sure it’s good, being with your friends and doing some crazy things, but I’m okay with my anti-social-part. Because (thanks for God) it’s just a part of me. I have moments, when my only wish is just being alone, and I have moments when I’m with my friends, and I’m happy, crazy(more and less, I’m not a party-king type). But today, I feel myself better, because I’m alone. I don’t have a lot a friends, and I haven’t got a  bestie, but I’m fine. Sometimes my parents think I’m weird(they don’t say, just how they look at me…), weird, because my big sister is with her boyfriend, my little brother is with his best friend, and my little sister too. And than they asked me, what are my plans for new years eve. My answer was: Hm, I don’t know. I will watch Supernatural, I will hear Linkin Park, and I will eat and drink what I find. They just looked at me, than just for a little moment, they were sad. I saw the sadness in their eyes, because of me, and I became so sad, because of this. I’m lonely, a little bit, but I’m happy with it. But I can’t tell this to my parents, because they could’nt understand me. I know. Just I can understand myself, that’s why I’m lonely sometimes. And yes, maybe that’s why I love TV characters more, than real people. Because they are Tv characters, and not real, and when sonething is not real, than it can be perfect.(please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying, that people are jerks, and not perfect and that’s a so big problem…actually…I’m saying that, and I mean it seriously) I’m not perfect too, and I know, but I don’t care. And yes, I love Tv characters more, than real people, maybe that will be my end.(Okaay, I know, I’m just 13, I shouldn’t thinking about my end, but that’s important to me. And maybe that’s just a sad teenager-problem, but I don’t care. Now, I think Tv characters are better, but everybody thinks that in my age…right?!

~And guys, who read this, don’t forget; always keep fighting!~


I’m here, because…

Before I get started, you need to know; I started learning english just a few years ago, and I’m learning from a serie, called Supernatural.(In my school, we have english class, but…uhm…how can I say? THAT’S A CRAP) So now, we can start.

Well I’m here because, I wanted to have a blog(but I had no theme), and I wanted to learn english(but my english teacher is not so good, and actually, I hated this language). But before I could start blogging (is it a word: “blogging”???) I found the Supernatural. Maybe you know this serie, maybe you not. But I can tell you, if you start it, you’ll be a fan, you will suffering, and your life will change. Well, I know that, because that happend to me, and I’m sure, that happend with the other people in our fandom. So, in my free time, I watched the episodes(I’m already watching season 8!!), and I just forgot the blogging idea.But now, somehow, I found WordPress, and I was like: O why not? That’s a sign, I found this app, so I should create a blog! And now I’m here. 

I guess, I should talk a little bit about myself, so let’s do it.

(As you could read) I’m a very very big Supernatural fan. My favorite character is Sammy Winchester, and I also love Jared Padalecki very much. He gave me power, and force, and I love him so much(I mean, Jared, not Sam). But I live in the middle of Europe, and I’m just a teenager, so I have no money(and even no time) to go to America, to a Comic Con and say that to Jared. And I know, I could say that during a live stream(which they do), but when they do a livestream, in 2pm, than it’s midnight to me. But I usually see these live videos, just not in live.

My favorite band is the Linkin Park. I love their music so much, and I’m sooo excited, becausen in this summer(2017) they will come here, to my town. I’m soo sooo excited, but I think, I wil not go to this concert, cause that’s a festival for adults, and like I said, I’m not an adult.So it sucks.

 I think for the first blog entry(I translated this word with google translater, I’m not sure, it means, what I want to say) it’s enough, what I wrote, but I’m sure, I’ll do a lots of blog entrys.

~And guys, who read this, don’t forget: always keep fighting!~

This ‘always keep fighting’ line, is from Jared Padalecki. It changed my life, so I think, the world must now it.